An organization that bears social responsibility for women and children welfare


In the year 2005, Barasat Anweshan started Microcredit program. Self Help Groups (SHGs) are formed each including 10 to 15 women members, majority belonging to Below Poverty Line (BPL) category. Financial assistance is being provided to each member who invests the amount towards Income Generation Activities (IGA). The repayment schedule is made easier for the beneficiaries.

Agriculture and Pisciculture

We have formed few Joint Liability Groups (JLGs) by which recovery of loan is ensured 100%. We realized the necessity of formation of "Farmers' Club" also in the villages. Members of the club are the landless poor farmers. The members of the clubs are well active and arrange regular meetings.


Since birth, the first target of Barasat Anweshan became parentless and homeless street children, and ultimately an orphanage named "Nivedita Home" was built at the Harpara complex. There we are providing shelter, proper education, fooding, clothing and other necessities, free of cost. We never forget to give them the chances for sports, cultural activities, meditation, health check-up- everything to build them up to a responsible citizen of our country.

Primary and Advanced Education

Barasat Anweshan realized at its early life that education is the basic strength of a noble society. Therefore, it has launched its educational package, which includes Bengali and English medium schools, colleges and institutions in rural, urban and peri-urban areas, where necessary.

Women Empowerment

Since 2005, with an intention to help the poor women to get financially stable, we establish arrange for vocational training. Subjects are different as and where fits individually such as, Zori work, Stitching, Jute-product, Pottery etc. Different livelihood training is also provided like preparation of Vermi-compost. Many of them, after getting these training programs and the facilities of our microcredit programs


Most of the families in the rural areas, where we are working, were characterized by health unconsciousness and health related misconception. As a result, they were suffering from malnutrition, malaria, measles, respiratory infection and water borne diseases. Infant Mortality, Child Mortality and Maternal Mortality rates were also high.


Barasat Anweshan started the library in the year 2004 at the city office, since then many books are taken into stock which are resourceful. Beside our students and staff members, we allow all other interested individuals to read books at their wish. We take few periodicals regularly for our readers. Every year we purchase a lot of books for the library taken into consideration of the public demand.

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From the Desk of CEO

I remember those days in the year 2003, when with a few warriors I had started a big war against the drawbacks of the particular corner of the society where the poorest of the poor people struggle for existence. With no weapons in hand but with fearless mind, we had a confidence that there is no power in the world
which can win over dedication. This ecological, financial, moral, social and conceptual disproportion may create walls of hindrance in our path but will soon be destroyed with the hammering of willpower.

I have immense pleasure to state here that our organization has completed 9 years of our journey towards our fight for poverty alleviation and also keeping the programme highly sustainable. We have developed our sight to penetrate into the innermost corner of the poor society. We gained unparallel exposure into the challenging, vibrant and hopeful field of work where the gap between rich and poor is increasing. Our organization endavours to equip these disadvantaged people with the tools needed to deal with their social, environmental, cultural, health and economic situation.

I am extremely proud to announce the launch of our new website. This welcomes you to find better landscape of our organization and faster relationship with our activities and programs. It will guide you to know more intimately about us, about our journey with the referral people to promote their lives and livelihood.

In this fast changing global scenario in national and regional levels, we seek cooperation from all Resource Sharing Agencies across the world to fulfill promise to the people in a better and effective way.

Thank you,

Mr. Shyamal Ray Chowdhury
Founder Secretary and CEO

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